Golden Boy Coaches: Coach Hire London without the hassle

For experience, simplicity, and peace of mind, Gold Boy Coaches is your first choice in luxury coach hire and minibus hire in London. Whether you are planning a school trip, private outing, or business function, Golden Boy Coaches have the know-how and the capacity to get you to your destination in style and comfort, every time. Our experienced drivers, local knowledge and no-nonsense quotation system mean that you can organise the events and outings that you need to, safe in the knowledge that transport will not be a problem.

When it comes to luxury coach hire, Golden Boy is the last word in professionalism. All our drivers are subject to a stringent training programme which we carry out ourselves, in our own training facility. Unlike some coach hire London or minibus hire firms, we pride ourselves on keeping fastidiously up to date with the latest international standards, which is why all our drivers hold a CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence). Our drivers are proud to wear our uniform – and we are proud that our uniform is worn by them. When you see the distinctive livery of Golden Boy coaches, you can rest assured that you are in the presence of the very best in the industry. But don’t take our word for it – our commitment to safety has been officially recognised by the UK coach safety rating system BUSK, which has awarded Golden Boy the maximum rating of six stars.

Coach hire london requires specialist knowledge, and lots of it. We operate from our purpose-built base in Hoddesdon, on the borders of Essex and Hertfordshire, where our family-run business has been based since its foundation in 1968. The mix of a local setting, a long history and a family ethos means that we have built up a large store of knowledge and connections which are vital to running an effective London coach hire service. That’s knowledge which often escapes other coach companies.

But just because we’re long-established doesn’t mean we are nostalgics. We are no stick-in-the-muds: we are dedicated to investing in our fleet to make sure that you can enjoy the most up-to-date luxury coach hire experience possible, with drinks machines, CD and DVD players, air conditioning, bathrooms and many more features that provide you with top-of-the-range service.


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Presentation Design Service: The X Factor

Powerpoint presentations are extremely easy to throw together, thanks to the simple and intuitive design of the software. Unfortunately, it has been a victim of its own success – or more likely, your organisation has – because a good presentation design company is a much rarer beast. Sales presentations that engage and convince people and give them something to take away with them are few and far between. This is why there are companies that specialise in corporate presentations and building sets of highly effective Powerpoint slides: done well, they can make all the difference in securing a bid or winning a contract. Done badly, your intended customer or audience will have switched off and dumped you as a prospect before you’ve got to the end of the first five minutes.

If you want to do it yourself, there are a few points to bear in mind. You may, like others, be tempted to crush in all the information you can – apparently ‘making the most’ of the canvas you have – and repeating your spoken presentation on the screen (and perhaps, for good measure, triplicating it with a handout, too…). This won’t do you any favours.

Start by planning the narrative of your presentation on paper, ensuring that you have a thread and a story that directs the audience through from start to finish. A disjointed presentation will lose their attention and leave them unimpressed – fast. When it does come to designing the slides, keep the background unadorned and simple: you don’t need unnecessary distraction. One idea for each slide is good. If you try to cram in too much they will be overwhelmed and won’t take in anything very much. Make the point, and make it well. You can use suitable graphics to illustrate your point in a way that is impossible using the spoken word – a diagram showing year-on-year results or other data, for example, is infinitely more effective than explaining them yourself.

Finding the right presentation design company is an art as well as a science, and you can’t underestimate how important Powerpoint presentations are in winning over your audience. They are an expected feature of sales presentations, but they are usually done so badly that if you can improve on the average you will immediately gain an edge over the competition. It doesn’t take much – just a willingness to do a bit of research and scale back your ambitions in the interests of doing a little very well. Simplicity is everything.

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London Schoolwear Supplier … or high street stores?

Clothes are expensive and school clothes can be particularly so, especially as they don’t fall into the category of discretionary spending. School uniforms can represent a significant sum of money when everything is added up – not only shirts, jumpers, trousers/skirts, perhaps blazers and even socks, but also shoes, sports kit, after school club clothes and equipment… Then add other bits and pieces like stationary, pencil cases, calculators and so on, and multiply by the number of children you have at school. It all adds up, and in these squeezed times many families will find that it is a very unwelcome addition to their monthly expenditure. The good news is that a London schoolwear supplier who operates online can save you a lot of money, as well as making the shopping trip far less stressful than it could be.

Many parents will have experienced the stress of trailing around the standard high street shops, planning to pick up all their children’s school clothes in one go. You can do it in a day, but it’s not fun: you’ll probably have to visit several outlets, and since you’ll probably be bringing your children with you to make sure the clothes fit properly, you’ll have to contend with them getting more and more unwilling as the day goes on.

The alternative is to measure them up at home and buy what you need over the internet. Look for a reputable store that stocks all the major brands and you could find exactly what you need, all under the same virtual roof, from skirts to stationary. You should save a lot of money, because these online stores don’t require lots of staff or big bricks-and-mortar shops in prime locations on the high street, so their overheads are lower. Make sure they have a good returns policy, just in case you pick the wrong item or something that turns out not to fit properly.

Buying school clothes need not be the hassle you are used to. A decent London schoolwear supplier will be able to fulfil the role that the high street does, only at better prices. You can do your shopping for school uniforms at a time that is convenient for you, during your lunch hour or in the evening, from the comfort of your office or home rather than trailing the streets. There are even options to have the clothes delivered direct to school, so if you have left things until the last minute it need not be a disaster.

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Accounts Payable Audit Systems – Provide A Preventative Solution To Expensive Recovery Audit

If you’re concerned that your business is losing money through fraudulence and error, then turn to accounts payable audit systems to ensure that you are protected from these unnecessary overpayments. Hazardous duplicate payments can add to up to costly amounts for many medium and large businesses. Recovery audit software can provide a cost-effective solution to avoid duplicate payments and are an affordable alternative to expensive recovery auditing.

Implementing recovery audit software has many business benefits, and is cheaper and easier than you may think. First of all, recovery auditing software chiefly and crucially saves you money because it prevents unnecessary payments. This is no small benefit. Recovery auditing software acts quickly to recover duplicate payments, which is vital as the possibility of retrieval diminishes every month as your suppliers go out of business, merge or get bought. The older your invoices are, the more they’ll cost to recover, so it’s advisable to get on top of them as soon as you can. Accounts payable audit systems enable you to act fast.

Secondly, recovery auditing software is low-cost compared to calling in recovery auditors to identify and recover duplicate payments. The software is capable of dealing with invoicing errors, compliance issues and supplier fraud, as well as duplicate payments. There is a significant risk that medium and large organisations pay their supplier invoices twice. These are the most common and expensive overpayments in the accounts payable process, amounting to a non-trivial percentage of your organisation’s annual spend during the process from purchase to payment.

Thirdly, recovery auditing software requires no costly training, contrary to what you may think.  It is easy to use and free online training is often offered by the provider. This software empowers your own Accounts Payable teams with the right tools to eradicates overpayment, so expensive auditor fees are cut and internal processes are improved. Auditing software aids your Accounts Payable team in their efforts to control and improve processes. With these tools at hand, you can respond your business’s specific needs, reducing fraud and risk and increasing productivity. Once installed, the software prevents duplicates before a payment run and therefore avoids the high expense of recovering money externally or internally.

It’s simple to health-check your business first to verify whether overpayment is an issue for you. Most providers offer an AP health check for free if your organisation qualifies. The evidence produced forms a sound business case for implementing the software. To make a substantial difference to the cost-efficiency of your AP systems, consider recovery audit software. All past payment data is processed by accounts payable audit systems, so that not only are your previous duplicate payments accounted for, but you can look forward to compliant and accountable payments in the future. Protect your valuable working capital – at such a low cost of ownership, it makes excellent business sense.

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Do you need Recovery Audit software?

Accounts payable is the outstanding sums of money owed to and by your organisation. In the course of doing business you will provide products and services to various parties, who will pay you for them. However, payment is not straight away; usually an accepted period of time will pass before the invoices are fulfilled. This may be 30 days, though in some instances it can be two months or more. In other cases just a fortnight is considered acceptable. An accounts payable audit explores what money is due to your company. recovery audit software can be used to investigate the different invoices that are outstanding and find out whether they should be paid (by you), or should already have been paid by clients. One of the most relevant types of overpayment for businesses is duplicate payments, which can arise either accidentally or intentionally through fraud (a company that receives a large number of invoices may not know if a duplicate comes in, and will pay it without checking). Whichever one, you will want to avoid these and other forms of unnecessary overpayment, whilst ensuring that those who owe you money pay it when they should.

Most companies underestimate the financial impact that accounting mistakes cause. If your accounts are in order, you will be paying suppliers on time. However, others may not be treating you with similar courtesy. There will be parties who pay late – perhaps consistently late, or perhaps some have never paid you for certain jobs. Then there are suppliers who have incorrectly invoiced you, or instances where reasonable error has resulted in inaccuracies on an invoice or a copy; invoices typically have many fields of data on them, so this can be a common occurrence.

Studies suggest that perhaps one in a thousand transactions is an overpayment, with duplicate payments being one of the most frequent errors. If your business entails a large volume of transactions, you could be losing substantial sums of money in this way. An accounts payable audit will find out exactly how much account errors are costing you every year. recovery audit software will enable you to get this back, but this is something you should pursue quickly: the more time passes, the lower the chance of reclaiming the money. Additionally, where the errors are a result of fraud, you may need to take legal action – and, at the very least, put in place measures that stop it occurring again.

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Luxury Coach Hire: An alternative to driving yourself

When you’re organising a lengthy journey for a large number of people, there are a few limited options open to you. You can arrange for everyone to make their own way there – something that results in varying travel times and some people probably getting lost. You can arrange to meet centrally and take public transport, which is expensive and impersonal. You could try signing people up to car-share, but this is likely to be an administrative headache – and is also costly, since you are still taking a number of cars. Another alternative is to opt for luxury coach hire (or, if your group is only 16-19 people, minibus hire). Coach hire London is an excellent way to make your journey, since you can choose a firm that provides all the conveniences you need for comfortable travel.

Modern luxury coaches come with a wide range of facilities to make your trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible: air-conditioning, drinks machines, wash rooms, DVD and CD players, and tables. In fact, these state-of-the-art coaches are a world away from the dirty cattle trucks known to most people from unwelcome school trips, in which every mile was a trial and travel sickness was thrown in at no extra cost.

There are other benefits to luxury coach travel, beyond comfort. Economies of scale come into play in a way that simply doesn’t apply if you are taking several cars – even if you are lift sharing. If you are going with a group of 50, it is much cheaper per-person – even if you are paying for a driver. This also has benefits to the environment. Furthermore, on particularly long journeys there is the advantage of not arriving at your destination weary – important if you are going on holiday or to a sports fixture.

Coach hire London is a great way to avoid all of these problems, and luxury coach hire is a far more comfortable and relaxing way to travel than the other options. Coaches come in various sizes; minibus hire tends to be the best bet for smaller groups (up to 19 people), and there are mid-sized coaches that accommodate up to 33 people. For the largest groups of 40 or 50 people, there are still coaches available. If your group is bigger than this, you can still hire two or more coaches from the same company, enabling you to arrive at the same time.

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Community Broadband keeps even the most distant communities in the loop

The internet is everywhere. These days, it’s an infrastructure requirement as necessary as electricity or phonelines. ICT infrastructure now needs to set its sights beyond rudimentary connectivity, however, and make sure that Next Generation Access is implemented to ensure your area or business keeps up with the fast-paced technological world. community broadband provides a comprehensive solution that will keep you in the loop, speed up data transmission, and won’t cut you off.

Regardless of the kind of location you’re in – whether business park, small community or rural estate – improved connectivity will bring in colossal advantages. These improvements are both economic and social. First and foremost, ICT services produce substantial profitability for business and science park operators. Revenue from these services is second only to rents when carefully instigated. instigation advice can be sought from experienced providers, who will be able to draw up a commercial strategy tailored to your business needs. Business objectives, investment and upgrades will all be taken into account to formulate the technological infrastructure most appropriate to your organisation. Efficient IT services make sure your business runs smoothly and increases your professionalism.

These advantages extend to rural estates, where isolated residents and local businesses cluster together to construct a sustainable infrastructure across the area. This tried and tested strategy offers a useful second source of income, a sound return on investment and upgrades the current ICT services. Look to advisers with expertise in this particular field of ICT services to access the best and most expedient package for your area. No rural location need out of touch thanks to recent developments in community broadband. In remote rural areas, residents often feel that they cannot expect the level of connectivity enjoyed by those in urban areas, but this is not necessarily the case. Investing in internet access delivers economic growth, and subsequently gives a boost to local industries. Being connected to the world not only aids business: local services such as health and education also benefit from the increase in easily available information.

Increasing your ICT infrastructure should be made a priority for all, from far removed rural communities to multi-tenanted business properties. Socially and economically, the advantages are enormous. Investing in Next Generation Access broadband now will pay off in terms of competitive edge and future resilience to technological advances. For solutions of the highest technical quality, look for co-operative outsourcing of community broadband projects and keep in the game wherever you are. In these times it makes no sense not to invest in growing technologies. Don’t delay: get connected.

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Bacs software: speeding up direct debit payments

In the UK, direct debit is the most common method of paying bills, rent, subscriptions or charitable donations. People prefer to use faster, easier methods of payment, and Bacs payments allow the peace of mind which is necessary when it comes to making and receiving payments automatically.

Bacs software automates the processing of direct debit and credit payments. This is not only a benefit for individual members of the public, but also for public service providers such as those handling benefits payments including child benefits, job-seekers and disability benefits. Charities also need to process a large number of incoming direct debit payments from donations, which can be processed most securely using Bacs.PLC companies that need to deal with incoming direct debits have a legal responsibility to enable the use of Bacs software, as it is a reliable, secure and streamlined method of receiving payment. Bacs as a term refers to Bankers’ Automated Clearing Services, owned by a group of UK institutions, including all of the major high street banks, which is in control of the payment system.

Some smaller companies can manage handling payments manually, but human error can make the payments unreliable and vulnerable to fraud. Accounts payable staff always welcome the help of automated systems to make their jobs easier and simpler. Bigger companies particularly can have a big amount of direct debit payments to process at any time, and so automated Bacs software can be necessary to ensure the smooth and secure running of the accounts payable department.

Businesses have a need for using Bacs payments not only for incoming payments, but also for direct debits of staff salaries and setting up their own direct debit payments to service providers. These service providers can range from basic, everyday needs of any business operating within a building, such as electricity companies, heating and water suppliers, to regular suppliers of products or services, such as outside catering, maintenance or repair companies, which are paid using direct debit and are vital to ensure the smooth running of a business.

Safety is the most important aspect of making and receiving payments, whether you are an individual, charity, government organization or public company. Using automated Bacs payments is safe and secure, especially when taken care of by outside software solution providers, who are experts in the field of processing direct debit payments, especially across countries or territories.

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Could invoice processing improve your accounts?

Document management is still a relatively little-known thing, but one that has the potential to transform the work place. In an age in which the paperless office is a rarely-achieved ideal, the suite of technologies known as document processing (and the accounts department special case, invoice processing) can actually make this a reality.

Document management systems are amazingly effective collaboration tools. They allow groups to store, exchange, modify and keep track of documents. There are also facilities to track the changes made and record various versions of documents. This allows many people to work on the same project, saving it centrally without the need for many different versions or fragments that ultimately have to be standardised and put together as a full product.

If you have paper documents, as most companies do, then there is obviously a gap between that state of affairs and the entirely online version to which you may aspire. Simply, it is tough to work across the two – sometimes having to deal with physical letters, memos and documents and sometimes with virtual ones. This is where document processing comes in. It is a set of technologies that changes physical documents to their electronic equivalents. Some of the most rudimentary (and therefore cheapest) of these technologies involve merely scanning-to-PDF: creating an image or other file out of a written document. However, at its most advanced it is possible to turn handwritten notes into editable files, like any other office document. These can then be placed into your document management system and treated like any other electronic document.

Document management and the document processing that makes bridging the divide between ‘real’ and virtual possible are therefore extremely helpful technologies. Invoice processing applies this to your accounts department, allowing you to turn physical invoices into electronic ones. This is critical, since many suppliers and organisations will still submit paper invoices, and these can easily be treated differently to the ones you receive electronically. They can get forgotten or mislaid, with implications for your relationships with your suppliers and for your reputation. If you are aiming for a paperless office, whether for financial or environmental reasons, then this is an effective way to help bring that about. The solution you opt for will depend upon the nature of your organisation and its needs, as well as its budget, but the range of alternatives available means there is something for everyone.

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Glass louvres let the sunshine in

Many of us will never have heard of brise soleil, glass louvres or external louvres but those who have jobs in buildings where they are fitted will certainly be aware of their benefits. When natural light is low they encourage its penetration of the building. In harsh hot summer sun they provide shade and keep us cool inside. These specialist terms, so commonplace in architectural circles, should be learnt by any employers in any field who wish to keep their staff content.

In the winter, it is not unusual for staff members to excuse themselves from work because they feel down in the dumps with sniffles, exhaustion or mild depression. Increased exposure to outdoor light, which working in glass louvres or external louvres permits, will have a beneficial impact of the health of these workers. Anyone who has attempted to work in low light will know how sleepy it makes one feel. Working late when it’s dark or gloomy meanwhile, makes one feel an intense kind of self-pity.

Installing innovative light and heat efficiency additions might also allow us to look out of the window a little less in summer and focus on our work. We might also be less likely to spend our entire lunch breaks outdoors when the sun is at its most intense and capable of frizzling us to a crisp.  Inhabitants of the UK have a notorious reputation for worshipping the sun. Though we receive a much more ample dose of UV rays than people living in Finland, Sweden or Norway, our response to the first signs of fine weather would make anyone unfamiliar with the British stereotype think that we spent most of the year shut in the dark. The thing is, many of us who work 9-5 jobs do genuinely feel this way. Especially in the winter, when we are obliged to get up before the sun has risen and leave the office at dusk.

The damaging culture of taking lunch at one’s work station means that it is easy in winter not to get very much light at all. Thus we suffer, from seasonal affective disorder or just a sallow complexion, and appear excessively overjoyed when spring and summer finally give us some sun. Lobbying your employer to install brise soleil, glass louvres or external louvres will be a move you won’t regret. With much more exposure to light when you need it and shade when the sun gets too bright, you’ll start enjoying your job and a newly energised you.

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