A kickboxing club can teach you more than just kicks and punches

Kickboxing is a sort of hybrid martial art. It was founded relatively recently, as these things go. Whereas many martial arts have centuries-long traditions attached to them, the kind of kickboxing London classes display has only been in existence for the last few decades, since the Second World War. It was formalised by some of the soldiers who had been stationed overseas in the Far East and had seen the superior techniques used by the men they met there. They learned and exported back the punching, kicking and blocking and turned it into a simplified style suitable for teaching in a Western class.

This isn’t to say that other martial arts don’t have a lot to offer. However, kickboxing has been intentionally designed to be comparatively simple and useful for certain situations. Many of the Eastern styles, such as tang soo dau or the different types of kung fu, have elaborate patterns of movements, plus techniques with historic but very specific applications. Some are derived from the kind of place they grew up in (such as rural farming communities), and are of interest and are part of that style when studied comprehensively but are not directly needed today.
Kickboxing has stripped out much of this material, keeping the basics of punches, kicks, blocks and footwork. In that respect, the ‘syllabus’ is quite limited, meaning that you can learn it fairly quickly, then moving on to becoming proficient in these moves, putting them together in combinations, and in sparring, or fighting under controlled conditions (with pads, and to strict rules).

For this reason, kickboxing is good for self-defence, as well as all-round fitness – strength, speed, stamina and flexibility. You would rarely find these things in the same discipline, making it fantastic cross-training. With the awareness and self-defence techniques comes improved confidence and eased stress, something valuable in today’s high-pressure work environment.

So, kickboxing offers much besides learning to fight. A kickboxing club is a great place to get fit, socialise (you will meet lots of like-minded people), work out some stress, and gain some confidence. Once you have learned the basics, there will be opportunity for sparring, but that’s always up to you – there’s generally no pressure on you to go beyond your comfort zone. At least, not too far: a good instructor will push you to achieve your best without going too far!

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London kickboxing classes for exercising aggression

There are few acceptable opportunities for releasing the stress people understandably build up from time to time. Whether family problems, niggles at work or just an overly sedentary lifestyle are at the bottom of feelings of aggression or even anger, most people would rather avoid letting these to boil over into a fight with their loved ones. What is needed by many then is a physical outlet for energies that are better off controlled and directed in a manner that won’t harm any personal relationships. London kickboxing classes offer such an outlet and what’s more, allow you to burn more fat and calories than you would in an average gym session. After a session at kickboxing London people walk out feeling calm and ready to enjoy their free time or face a new day because the London kickboxing club Karmaa really is a revelation.

Of course, there are additional benefits to kickboxing classes besides the fact of them offering release; they also take part in a sociable setting so different from the experience people usually encounter at their local gym. Indeed, no one will be found looking disengaged from the rest of the world, music player attached or eyes glued to MTV for the kind of distraction required on a treadmill. Neither will people be encouraged to tirelessly copy an instructor who repeats the same set of moves at the front of the class each week. Really, London kickboxing classes are just so much more fun than the equivalent ‘Bums Legs and Tums’ or spinning scenario. With kickboxing London people actually get to look at their fellow exercisers, have a laugh and maybe even make some friends.

In sum no one has anything to lose from giving their nearest London kickboxing club a try. Or nothing apart from a few extra pounds and a weight off their shoulders. London kickboxing classes allow exercisers to learn something: one of the martial arts, self-defence and confidence. There have even been reports that kickboxing London improves sluggish digestion and bloating. And who wouldn’t choose fighting fit over a radical diet for their detox needs?

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