Powerpoint design is difficult and valuable

Sales presentations are the most crucial link in the line between research and development and turning an idea into reality. They can be the culmination of weeks or months of in-depth work, all resting on perhaps a single hour with potential investors or partners. Powerpoint presentations are often the chief way that the desired information is given, along with a verbal presentation, ideally giving the audience what they need to make an informed decision. Unfortunately, however, the material is only as good as you make it sound. Whatever the quality of research and soundness of principle behind it, if you lose your audience due to problems of presentation then it doesn’t matter. Lots of contracts have been lost this way, and it doesn’t need to happen. One of the main weak links in the chain is powerpoint design, which can massively add to your pitch or badly detract from it. The question is, are you confident enough to see which?

One of the problems with Powerpoint is that it is very user-friendly. It’s extremely simple to put together a presentation with very little experience. The powerful software allows you to make slides with different effects and transitions, embedding sound and video and much more. But therein lies another problem. It’s actually very complex, and it’s very easy to put together something that uses that complexity but doesn’t deliver to your audience. Just because a presentation includes some glossy effects doesn’t necessarily add to its persuasiveness. Worse, it can distract from what you are actually saying rather than inform or complement it. It’s not just what goes on the screen that’s important, it’s how it fits with what you are saying.

There are professional firms that will create your Powerpoint presentations for you, taking into account the precise needs of the situation and ensuring that they tailor the result to what you need. The alternative is making sales presentations using your own powerpoint design, which can be chancey. At the very least, some training can be useful, but what you really don’t want to do is end up sabotaging weeks of preparation because – although you’re able to use the software – you don’t really understand when is the time to employ particular devices. If a few hours of a professional’s time means that you end up securing a contract you otherwise would have lost, then it’s worth the investment.

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