Commercial Property North London – for the Long-Term Investor

Since the crash of 2007-08, Commercial Property in North London has undergone not one but two exceptional reversals of fortune. Prices were down some 40 percent – 50 percent in some areas – and have since leapt back due to a bottleneck of new development. Meanwhile yields have adjusted accordingly, and the ebb and flow of empty space has had its own consequences on rents. The result is that if you are looking for shops to rent in North London, vs a commercial property in north london, there are many different opportunities available and your decision will rest on a number of factors – not least what your long-term aspirations are.

The complexity of the situation means that it is advisable to talk to a trusted independent financial adviser or accountant, plus a good estate agent. Now may be a good time to buy in certain locations; however, if you do not have the funds to do so then you will need to look at other alternatives. The comparative weakness of the pound not so long ago has meant that foreign money (much of it from the Middle East) has been pouring in and prices have risen.

Obviously location is vital to the success of your business if you occupy certain sectors such as retail. In other instances you might afford to be off the beaten path a little. Another factor is if you intend to be a landlord yourself. If you are letting or subletting part of your own premises then this adds another dimension to your business plan and the potential viability of your accounts. Indeed, in the short-term this might be a good way to make ends meet while you wait for the market and business in general to brighten.

When it comes to commercial property, London has a vast range of choice in every sector – and, of course, you are spoilt for choice for location. But shops to rent in North London are a very different prospect to industrial buildings, office space or residential in other parts of the capital. Thus if you are looking for a commercial property in north london, or to rent, or another form of commercial property, this only underlines the importance of a strong business plan. Economic constraints mean that this will, in any case, be a vital part of any loan application. However, whereas in the past you may have managed without one, it is now extremely unwise to skimp in this respect.

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Presentation Consultancy
Engage Through Visuals and Sound

Powerpoint presentations are seldom thought of as super sources of innovation. Many of us can think of a number of conferences attended where Powerpoint design was used but to no obvious benefit of either speaker or audience. But Powerpoint is often used badly, especially in the instance of sales presentations where some of the worst offenders insist on merely repeating on-screen what is already being said. This is a mistake; when Powerpoint is utilised to its full capacity it should complement and supplement the speaker’s message.

Before we go any further we should explore the positive multidimensional nature of a presentation: a presentation can involve an audience visually, aurally and, if you take questions from the floor, orally too. It’s therefore the ways in which we give and receive messages in these ways that makes for a presentation’s success or failure. Ideally, the speaker should look to reach the optimum standards in communication by combining all of the above. Of course, some topics or styles of address will lend themselves to divergent percentages of visuals, speech/sounds and audience participation, but take a typical sales pitch as a key example.

When it comes to the category of sales pitches we must recall that audiences are becoming increasingly savvy about how they approach products and services these days. They are well aware of their existence as impressionable consumers surrounded by advertising on an everyday, sometimes all-day-long basis. Think of the average worker in London: he or she wakes up to an alarm set on a smartphone that no doubt has a number of applications containing promotional material in addition to their primary function. Then the radio or TV is switched on and more adverts are encountered. And that’s even before a tube or bus journey has been completed where billboards, posters, flyers and free papers abound. But this is not to say consumers do not want to be alerted to products that interest them, it just means it can be difficult to convince them that what your business is offering is really worth their while.
Innovative powerpoint presentations can help the seller out greatly.

Immediately, through human presence, the speaker is in an advantageous position as body language will aid the on-screen visuals and sound in terms of increasing audience engagement. The speaker can in fact think of him- or herself as a story teller working sales presentations into enticing narratives. Powerpoint design then becomes a prop rather than a repetitive piece of machinery.

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Shops For Sale North London … if you move now

In the markets for commercial property, North London is showing signs of heating up. There has been talk of a new property bubble, born out of the ashes of the last, with politicians and senior economists equally eager not to exaggerate the problem. The last boom ended with the credit crunch, that saw values in parts of the capital fall by as much as 50 percent. The low interest rates and quantitative easing brought in to fix this, as well as the weak pound, meant that investment has increased again – and the time scale for new development meant that bottlenecks further increased demand. There has been great interest from outside the UK, with Middle Eastern investors looking for deals here. Shops for sale in North London can be a goldmine in the right hands – either for your own business or to rent out. Shops to let in North London have seen steadily rising rents in recent times. And although this might seem like a problem, it perversely gives rise to new opportunities for those prepared to jump quickly.

The dynamic of ever-increasing rents has not met with unanimous approval. Although it is seen as a sign of an improving economy, the reality on the ground can be quite different. Traders who have worked for years in the same street are seeing their rents rising beyond what they can afford, as the property market speeds ahead of the retail sector of the economy. The result: the price of goods rises, and both shoppers and vendors move online looking for cheaper alternatives. Gaps are appearing once again as traders find it too expensive to stay.

Some sectors are immune from these developments. An eatery or coffee shops for sale in north london have a better chance of making things work – you can’t buy the coffee-drinking experience online. So some shops to rent in North London can resist the trend, whilst others will simply swallow the higher prices and see their margins squeezed (or the difference passed on to customers). The thing to remember is that commercial property London is not a homogeneous picture: different sectors and areas act very differently. The news might be driven by the developments in grade A office space in the Square Mile; the reality on the ground for retail is quite different. Opportunities still exist for buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants; it’s just a question of finding the right shop and timing.

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Bacs software saves time and cash

bacs is a catch-all term that describes a number of different types of electronic payment. Bacs payments will generally be a direct debit or credit. In the past bacs software was also used for payments over the internet via online banking and over the phone. However, since 2007 the Faster Payments Service (FPS) has overtaken these, since it is nearly instantaneous (whereas bacs takes three working days).

Bacs is generally still the default for many kinds of regular payments, such as pay cheques and utility bills. The process is extremely secure, with many different means of security built into it. Additionally, there is the peace of mind that you will be given a full refund in the unlikely case that you are a victim of fraud.

For companies there are multiple benefits to using bacs, instead of working with more ‘traditional’ methods of paying employees and suppliers – such as cash and cheque. Security is obviously one of these. It is no longer necessary to keep large quantities of money on the premises, thereby reducing risk as well as the insurance payments you would have to keep up to protect you from theft. Reliability is another; bacs payments leave your account on the specified date and arrive in the payee’s account three working days later. (Should you need a faster transfer there are other options, such as FPS or CHAPS, which incurs a fee.)

This also streamlines accounting processes, since it makes for very predictable outgoings. You know exactly when and how much money will be leaving your account – and, if you are paid by bacs, you will have a fair idea of when money will come in. Bacs can also be integrated with many accounts packages, helping you to spend less time on your finances and get on with what really matters for your work.

Bacs software is supplied by different companies, each of which will need to meet rigorous criteria. As well as providing the required hardware and enabling you to make bacs payments, most should offer some form of training to help you make the most of your new bacs capabilities – thus saving you time and money as well as decreasing the risk of fraud to your business. As fewer and fewer businesses still use cash and cheques for their major transactions, there are more and more benefits to be enjoyed by moving to a system of electronic payments.

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Make the most of your nearby coach hire London

When organising a trip or event involving more people than will fit in a car, turn to coach hire london for an easy solution. The option of minibus hire makes sure that even if your group is small, there will be a vehicle suitable for you. What is more, choosing a luxury coach hire service will make your event or trip that little bit more special.

If a trip or event creates a good deal of travelling for a significant number of people, then choosing to travel by coach will make a potentially dull journey pleasant. Firstly, travelling by coach means you can leave the driving safely in the hands of a CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) certified driver, often trained at in-house facilities and given an enhanced CRB check. Not only this, but a good coach hire service will have maintenance staff on duty for twenty-four hours in case of need. Therefore you can relax and enjoy the company of your friends.

Secondly, your trip by coach will benefit from on-board facilities such as air conditioning – so you are comfortable whatever the weather – drinks machines, sound systems and TV screens. Why travel any other way when these luxuries are available – and for an economic price too?

Thirdly, compared to other forms of travel, coach journeys have many advantages. Unlike trains or buses, a coach hire service does not have a inflexible timetable, and will wait until all passengers have boarded. Coach hire works out much more cheaply than taxi fares, especially when there is a large group of people travelling. When it comes to travel abroad, a coach may be preferable to flying because it takes out the hassle of arranging travel links each side of the airport. For door-to-door service, coach travel is peerless.

Finally, you can rest assured that safety is the foremost concern for luxury coach hire operators, who carry out risk assessments for all operational activities. Furthermore, a policy of ongoing investment in vehicles maintains an up-to-date, high quality, modernised fleet. coach hire london is helpfully positioned in the very heart of the country, perfect for your requirements however long or short, near or far your trip. Even if you’re a group of five or six friends who want to go out on the town without worrying about driving home, minibus hire is the answer. Travel by coach for a journey that’s about more than getting from A to B.

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School uniforms that you can purchase online

If you have kids, you probably enthusiastically anticipate and dread the end of summer in nearly equal part. In the first instance, the beginning of Autumn signals the start of a new school year – something to be relieved about if your kids became a bit difficult during the long vacation. On the other hand, going back to school can be stressful: it means new school uniforms for the majority of children who have just spent five or six weeks growing out of their clothes. And, although school clothes have changed a great deal in the last few decades – becoming more standardised and child-friendly – they still represent a wardrobe necessity that many kids would rather do away with. Arguments between parents and children need not ensue though; there exists a London schoolwear supplier that fully understands the potential trials and tribulations involved in shopping trips for uniform. Set up as a family business in North West London, this supplier now conducts business additionally as an online store.

Parents who order their children’s uniforms on the web often find their stress levels go down remarkably. After just one physical fitting-room session in a uniform outlet all subsequent school clothes items can be easily replenished by looking through and selecting from a user-friendly web catalogue. Because, as parents be aware, it is not only in autumn that a new uniform needs to be bought – this task can present itself many times a year and on any given day; after an accident with paint in an art class, for instance, or following an unfortunate tumble taken in the playground: altogether there are countless incidents that can occur during the school day causing rips, tears and stains and requiring new uniform items to be obtained.

Actually, not only can the normal uniform items such as shirts, ties, blazers and sweaters be purchased from catalogues such as those mentioned above – the best London schoolwear supplier can also deliver sportswear. So, when you next go shopping online, first think school uniforms and other school clothes and then look at what else can go in your order. You may save time, your worries and your sanity.

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Powerpoint design is difficult and valuable

Sales presentations are the most crucial link in the line between research and development and turning an idea into reality. They can be the culmination of weeks or months of in-depth work, all resting on perhaps a single hour with potential investors or partners. Powerpoint presentations are often the chief way that the desired information is given, along with a verbal presentation, ideally giving the audience what they need to make an informed decision. Unfortunately, however, the material is only as good as you make it sound. Whatever the quality of research and soundness of principle behind it, if you lose your audience due to problems of presentation then it doesn’t matter. Lots of contracts have been lost this way, and it doesn’t need to happen. One of the main weak links in the chain is powerpoint design, which can massively add to your pitch or badly detract from it. The question is, are you confident enough to see which?

One of the problems with Powerpoint is that it is very user-friendly. It’s extremely simple to put together a presentation with very little experience. The powerful software allows you to make slides with different effects and transitions, embedding sound and video and much more. But therein lies another problem. It’s actually very complex, and it’s very easy to put together something that uses that complexity but doesn’t deliver to your audience. Just because a presentation includes some glossy effects doesn’t necessarily add to its persuasiveness. Worse, it can distract from what you are actually saying rather than inform or complement it. It’s not just what goes on the screen that’s important, it’s how it fits with what you are saying.

There are professional firms that will create your Powerpoint presentations for you, taking into account the precise needs of the situation and ensuring that they tailor the result to what you need. The alternative is making sales presentations using your own powerpoint design, which can be chancey. At the very least, some training can be useful, but what you really don’t want to do is end up sabotaging weeks of preparation because – although you’re able to use the software – you don’t really understand when is the time to employ particular devices. If a few hours of a professional’s time means that you end up securing a contract you otherwise would have lost, then it’s worth the investment.

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Social work jobs need not be excessively stressful if you know how to relax at the end of each day

social work jobs present many challenges to the committed professionals who are employed in them.  Those in social services jobs will typically encounter several people each week who are undergoing extremely stressful or upsetting situations, and the social worker will need to provide an emotional crutch, supporting the service user in every way possible.  This can be very fulfilling but it also means that anybody in social worker jobs needs to be aware that their work can place a strain on their own emotional wellbeing.  Having a few fail-safe ways of relaxing and regrouping after a stressful day or week at work can make a great deal of difference not only to you but to the people you are helping on a daily basis.

Perhaps the most important way to unwind if your job is emotionally straining is to have somebody to confide in.  Obviously confidentiality is an important consideration in social work jobs, so you may find it useful to have a friend or family member to whom you can talk in fairly general terms about what may be affecting you at work.  It is often the case that you do not need advice or specific guidance, but just somebody who will listen to your issues and understand why you feel stressed.  If your employer is doing his or her job properly, you should have a supervisor who you can speak to about all of your cases, and this is often a good way of helping you avoid feeling that you are holding the burden of everybody’s problems on your shoulders – nobody’s shoulders are strong enough for this.  They will generally be able to offer you professional advice as well, so if you are unsure about what to do about any aspect of your case you can turn to somebody above you.

It is often the case that physical activity can be very helpful in relieving mental stress.  After a tough day you may feel like all you want to do is sit in front of the television with a glass of wine, but this is often only a very short term solution to anxiety.  If you really want to boost your mental state, physical exercise is often the best thing to do.  Going for a run will release the endorphins that genuinely make you feel happier, and give you an energy boost that is always useful in social worker jobs.  If you are not a particularly sporty type, other forms of exercise may be more suitable. With its focus on mental and spiritual well-being, many people find that yoga is a highly effective way of dealing with stress.

Most jobs cause some stress and anxiety from time to time, but it is important for those in social work jobs to be aware that they might be more at risk of this than many other professionals.  Social services jobs demand a lot of us mentally, and we need to know how to unwind.  With the right strategies to stay in control of our body and mind, social worker jobs should provide an enjoyable and satisfying career.

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Phono stage means records sound like they used to

Most people are either LP lovers or not – you’re either sold on an old technology that was never bettered, or you’re not interested in vinyl. The difficulties start to come when you combine old with new. LPs were intended to be used with the record players and amps of their day. That means that they don’t work as they’re supposed to when you hook them up to modern stereo systems. The stereo you have that plays CDs perfectly happily might have other inputs that fit your turntable and can be plugged in, but the sound isn’t right. That’s because you’re missing a crucial bridge between old and new technologies: the phono stage, otherwise known as a phono preamp or phono amp.

Unfortunately, enjoying your old LP collection on current top-of-the-range stereo equipment isn’t as easy as it might be. The output from a record turntable is very different to the kind of output you get from a CD or MP3 player. The signal is much lower, which in practice means that you have to turn the volume right up before you can hear the music properly. But that means that all the additional noise – the interference, crackles and hiss – is also amplified. The subsequent playback quality is poor as a result. What you need is a unit that plugs in between the turntable and the stereo amplifier that converts the signal from the LP into something that the stereo can usefully send to the speakers.

That’s the point of the phono stage. It’s a gadget that interprets the signal coming out of the turntable and pre-prepares it for your stereo amplifier. A phono preamp can make all the difference to playback quality. Some modern stereos have the right circuit inside already, but not many, because there is little demand for them (few people listen to LPs any more). You’ll be able to check by looking on the back of your stereo and seeing whether there’s a turntable jack – if not, then you’ll almost certainly need the phono amp before you can listen to records properly. These components are available on the internet, but it’s worth doing a little research around them first. The overall sound quality is only going to be as good as the weakest link in the chain, so if you’re hoping to play your much-loved record collection on an expensive stereo set, it doesn’t make sense to economise on the phono stage.

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Cash Genie: tips for saving money

Cash Genie is committed to responsible lending practices, and it’s a business principle that customers should not have to come back and use the short-term loan services repeatedly. Apart from anything else, it’s not good commercial sense, because encouraging unwise financial practices means that clients are more likely to default on their debts! So a part of the service is helping customers to organise their money in such a way that they won’t need to go for such loans in the future.

The best way to do this is to examine your spending: all of it. It sounds like a big deal, but it can make a great difference. Break it down if it seems scary. First, check all of your major outgoings: rent or mortgage, bills, utilities, phone, internet, interest on loans, council tax and so on. It may be that you can save money already by moving providers for one of these. In the case of a mortgage, that could save you hundreds of pounds or more a year. Others might mean you have an extra ten or twenty quid at the end of the month – still worthwhile.

But the most surprising examples are likely to come from the expenses you barely notice. These are the little, cumulative expenditures you build up over the week. When you look at them over the course of the month and year, they can make a huge difference. Picking up a coffee on the way to work every morning? That’s only £2 or so, right? But that’s £10 a week, £40 a month or getting on for £500 a year. That could represent an instalment on your mortgage or a month’s rent. Similarly, buying a sandwich and drink every day instead of making the same at home? Easy another £1,000 a year. The same goes for the odd night out: it’s very easy to lose track.

Cash Genie recommends keeping an eye on these ‘trivial’ expenses. It doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself totally – no one’s saying that you shouldn’t enjoy the odd treat or lunch out. What’s important is that you see what these are actually costing you. Once you know that, you can decide whether the convenience or treat is really worth it, if the end result is staying in debt (and therefore having to pay more through interest) in the end. In addition, if you’ve got debts you need to pay off, this can be a great motivator. If a couple of coffees a week fewer means peace of mind in the long term, then it’s no contest.

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