Duplicate Payments can disappear inside an Accounts Payable system

Accounts payable audit are necessary for any corporation which suspects it may be at risk of making duplicate payments, invoice payment mistakes or other financial hiccups – which can have a far-reaching and long-lasting effect on a company with a extensive accounts payable department. If a business is paying many different contractors and service providers, in can be easy to lose track of just how accurate its payments are. In the case of a company operating with out-of-date or ineffective systems, these payments can spiral until they represent significant losses.

That’s why most accounts payable departments commonly use a recovery audit, to see just where they’re misplacing money. However, recovery audits can be costly in themselves, and cumbersome, if the appropriate technologies are not in place. Increasingly, accounts payable audit are at their most effective when paired with recovery audit software that automatically sees flaws in accounting and invoicing systems. This includes the identification of inaccurate or duplicate payments, overpayments, missed discounts, currency conversion errors, unclaimed cheques, incorrect tax adjustments and even attempted fraud.

Due to the expense and complexity of good-quality recovery audit software, most firms use services that provide them with built-in tools. Because these tools are the main function of an accounts payable software company, rather than a sideline, the company can invest a lot more in keeping them up to date and at maximum productivity – basically, hundreds of clients will share the cost of one software system, and have the hassle taken off their backs.

Generally, recovery audit software is accessed online, with clients able to check in on the process and see results in an accessible format whenever they want to. No more waiting for office staff to come up with reports or worrying about what they might have mistaken – the software is kept backed up and up to date by the company supplying and operating the software. Much of this software includes prevention tools that make recovery audit a constant process, rather than a regular labourious task: and make sure that mistakes, frauds and overpayments are stopped at once. For some large companies, this represents a saving of millions of dollars, even before they factor in the staff time and office resources that have been freed up by relying on a software system. Many systems will even automate historical claims to debtors or contractors, so that the lost revenue is back in the company’s account as speedily as possible.

In the realm of accounts payable audit, this software can be an indispensable tool. Human error is all but eliminated, and employees can breathe easily, knowing that they’re not throwing away money through mistakes that get lost in the net.

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Glass Louvres – shade structures and power them too…

Brise soleil designs are an iconic feature of 20th century architecture. Popularised back at the beginning of the century by important modernist architects including Le Courbusier (‘the raven’), a French design visionary, nowadays these structures are providing permanent shade for buildings ranging from stylish homes to university constructions and airports. And that’s not all: thanks to the ability of glass louvres to harness sunlight while they shade buildings from it, valuable solar energy is being generated through these designs, with a vast range of cutting-edge external louvres controlling air intake and discharge for the utmost efficiency.

A brise soleil system is a series of blades angled to the optimum position for providing shade, preventing overheating and energy expending. When creating an efficient architectural design, glass louvres are integrated into shading systems to maximize sunlight during dark times, and to utilize the sunlight’s photovoltaic energy on hot days. They help to protect buildings from sun damage and from overheating, and are invaluable for cutting down on air conditioning expenses (and the associated release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere). They also produce a striking modern effect, and can be etched into or tinted to enhance the building’s appearance.

Meanwhile, the external louvres utilized by architects provide further screening from unsightly elements of a building, while also serving the double function of maximizing ventilation while keeping out rain and wind. Usually, they cover grills over exhaust pipes and air supply points to release a steady circulation of air from the outside. Cutting-edge design allows them to serve this function while also shielding the building’s interior from the elements, even including the snow and hail felt in chillier climates. Glazed louvres can also be used within windows and doors.

The architectural style which uses sun screening solutions hinges on an aesthetic of efficiency, creating buildings whose modern clean lines aren’t merely decorative, but an integral part of the building’s workings. They are popular largely because of their streamlined style, but also because of this capacity to offer multiple functions at the same time as being decorative. People who plan using this method are looking for long-term reductions to air conditioning, heating, light and ventilation costs. Nowadays many glass louvres come with photovoltaic technology to actually harness the energy of the sunlight into a building’s generators. Looking to a future where buildings are expected to exist in harmony with their surroundings, and climate change is more and more pressing, brise soleil systems will become more and more ubiquitous as architects plan for the long term.Â

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School uniforms that can be worn time and again

In the world of business, workers are often grateful if their company provides a staff uniform. No money need be spent on endlessly updating one’s wardrobe in order to keep up with fashion conscious colleagues and no time need be wasted on deciding what to wear each morning – as long as one’s work clothes are washed and smooth we can be out of the house in a flash. These are the simple pleasures that school children do not appreciate: for teenagers in particular school uniforms represent a denial of their right to self-expression, a curb placed on their identity. But this is probably a healthy thing; given that adolescence is a time where young people are still discovering their identity, perhaps it is best that they are allowed to experiment with different looks on the weekends and return to the reassurance of their school clothes in the week. London schoolwear supplier certainly thinks that the compulsory wearing of uniform in UK schools is something to be proud of. What’s more, help social cohesion and help conceal the economic differences on which most of us believe to be a bad basis on which to make friends.

In large families, mothers and fathers tend to be glad if they can send all of their children to the same school dressed in good quality uniforms that will survive being handed down. In recent times this has become easier because flimsy materials that once wore at the knees and elbows have since been exchanged for more durable fabrics. Among these fabrics is a Teflon-coated cotton-polyester mix used for school skirts and trousers and non-bobbling wool employed in the most up to date blazers. Many variations on the white school shirt exist so it is best to check the school rules to see which styles are acceptable and which have been blacklisted. In some schools for example, they prefer the girls to wear fitted styles, while others have strict rules against anything too low-cut. In any case, most of the permitted styles of shirt come in non-iron easy-care cotton which means that time can be saved on making sure your child looks neat.

Shopping for school uniform can be a dull activity, even a real headache when the required sizes are out of stock. But this is less of a problem now that London schoolwear supplier takes orders by email. In fact, school clothes shops need not be visited in person if you know what you’re getting because a direct delivery service has been set up. Buying school uniforms is now simple.

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Similarity Attraction Hypothesis: The Problems It Poses for Hotel Jobs in Singapore

The huge boom in Singapore’s economic status – the country now has the world’s fourth-largest volume of financial services transactions despite its tiny population of just five million people – has brought with it an associated boom in hotel building for businesspeople, and therefore in hospitality jobs in Singapore. That means that lots of very good employers and recruiters are hiring lots of people, and are fully aware of the complex market in which they’re attracting and discovering candidates. Good hiring managers are working on long-term, intensive campaigns to recruit the very best local and foreign staff for their busy new hotels and guesthouses.

However, there is a frequent weak spot for people recruiting candidates for hotel jobs in Singapore and in many other booming new markets. That is the interview process. And new psychological studies show that interviewing for hotel jobs in Hong Kong, Singapore, or any other country can be dangerously affected by something called the ‘similarity attraction hypothesis.’

Why is this psychological concept important for recruiters looking to fill hospitality jobs in Singapore? Because it means that managers are not immune to being swayed by small, irrelevant details like the way a candidate looks, or the fact that they come from the same region or share the same sense of humour: things that have no relation to whether or not they have the potential to excel in various hotel jobs in Singapore. As a result, hotel managers might find themselves with an employee who although good fun is lazy, or who despite sharing interests with their co-workers does not have the energy for the fast-paced hospitality jobs in Singapore.

The ‘similarity attraction hypothesis’ is the tendency held by people all over the world to prefer people who look like them. This is the cause of many major social problems within and outside the hospitality industry, like sexism and racism, but can also result in people who don’t really have what it takes filling the best hotel jobs in Hong Kong or other small markets.

Luckily, Asia Caterer can help recruiters to write or redraft interview questions to give real, objective data about a candidate’s personality, work ethic and capabilities. That means they won’t end up recruiting – for example – a team of kitchen staff who are all from the same region as the head chef but don’t represent the best talent available.

Hotel managers find this service incredibly valuable. With a set of properly tailored, proven interview questions, the task of interviewing can be given to any intelligent staff member without worries about the similarity attraction hypothesis – and the hotel jobs in Singapore businesses can be filled by objectively great people.


Invoice processing that lets you know where you stand with your budget

Up until the 1980s document management was better known as filing. Vast cabinets and drawers were filled with paperwork and other age-old material awaiting dust, disintegration and maybe eventual disposal. In some cases, such as library and museum collections, much of this sort of physical material is highly regarded; relevant for future generations of students and historians or delicate to the extent that it would be unsafe to scan. Much of this material, however, is less precious, at least in cultural heritage terms. And much of it will still be in a state that will certainly survive computerisation through scanning. And once physical documents have been scanned they are just so much easier to process. In fact, document processing in this day and age can for the most part totally bypass the printer; it can all be done through computer management processes that create less daily waste and help keep offices in tip top shape. invoice processing is almost certainly a job that can be done paper free. Clients will be glad of this; it means that their payments can be made and received quickly and in a totally transparent fashion.

Knowing how to manage documents properly is a skill of utmost relevance to almost everyone in employment and in particular those who run businesses. From the independent lone businessman to the multinational corporation, few companies can afford and certainly do not desire to waste time and money. For the freelancer, who can only take on the amount of work they have time for, and will not want to spend as much time making out invoices and storing data as they must dedicate for the task in hand, this would clearly be a false economy. As such, a document management system can be put in place, whereby computer files are suitably labelled according to their subject matter and date. At the other end of the range, a multinational corporation will have huge volumes of data and money incoming and outgoing daily. Balancing the books in this instance is therefore fundamental even for outwardly successful companies to ensure they stay afloat: if outgoings are delayed a false impression could be given of one’s profits and business could easily slide into decline.

Small and medium-sized businesses ensure their long-term endurance by building superior relationships with their customers, many of whom will trust them with secret information. From banking details needed for invoice processing, to health records requiring careful document management, client data must be safely saved and easy to retrieve. Good document processing practice will ensure information stays safe.

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Hotel jobs Dubai are ideal for funding your travels

It is not always easy finding work in a foreign country. The language and customs are different, and so is the process of job hunting. You don’t necessarily need contacts and know-how to search for hotel jobs, Gulf, or hospitality jobs, Singapore however. Using a reliable internet database is a straightforward and effective way to search for all sorts of work, from bar work to room service to hotel jobs. Dubai and the rest of Asia are a gateway not only to adventure but to a steady source of income to support your travels, if you know where to look.

Whatever your skill level, there will be something for you. If you are inexperienced, you can get work as a waiter or porter. Those with catering experience can expect to be taken on as butlers, sous chefs or managers. If you’re a keen sailor, you can test your sea legs as part of a cabin crew. The length of the contract is also flexible: those passing through can work on a temporary basis, whereas those looking to settle for a while can tailor their job search to get more permanent work.

This is the beauty of internet search engines. Your search terms can be as precise or as open as you please. So whatever your requirements, using a trustworthy jobsearch online will offer you the maximum flexibility in terms of type, duration and location of work. You’ll be able to see at a glance what’s on offer and assess all your options. When you’re travelling, plans can change rapidly and it’s useful to have more than one option in place in case of contingencies.

The last thing you want to have to worry about when travelling is your bank balance. While many work and save before they leave, it’s not ideal when your previous earnings determine your travels. To enjoy some real freedom, working as you travel, when and as you need the cash, really frees you up and means that you can let the spirit of adventure take you wherever you please.

In order to experience Asia at its best, by working in local businesses as well as taking in as much of the surrounding area as you want, try an internet jobsearch for hospitality jobs Singapore, hotel jobs dubai, and hotel jobs Gulf. Just make sure that the provider is dependable, experienced, and rest assured you’ll find more breadth and variety online than in any high street jobseeker office. For a unique experience far less superficial than the experience of a tourist passing through, spend time working and living in Asia.

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Shop for sale in London to help revive our towns

Many articles communicating the death of the UK high street have been surfacing recently. As rents in city centres seem expensive in comparison with more generous spaces on the periphery it is little wonder that former business hubs have been emptying. This state of affairs is far from desirable of course and, now that the councils have caught on, many an initiative is being launched to try and pull traders back to where they belong. One result of this is that shops for let in north London are being offered at affordable prices. The same goes for shop for sale in london and overall commercial property London.

For the young entrepreneur, renting could be a brilliant option because the leasehold tends to be manageable; it’s possible to take for a short period of time until the business is confident of longer-lived success. More established retailers may on the other hand look at current incentives to return to local hubs and decide it is the ideal moment to plan lasting projects and buy their property. Web-based competition is obviously tough: many people are sensibly tightening their purse strings and looking up the cheapest options from the comfort of their homes. However, recent news states that people greatly miss the social aspect of a thriving high street where they are not merely targets of advertising campaigns but valued customers and friends. At a time like this commercial property London is more valuable – and more valued – than perhaps ever before.

It is certainly worth noting that the internet cannot offer all experiences available on the high street. City centres are not only designed for shopping for material goods but also as places where friends and family can come together and enjoy each other’s company. Cafés, tea rooms, restaurants and bars can be the best sites for such meetings to take place. And these sites will never be recreated in the online realm. North London, in particular, is a perfect place for these kind of social eateries and drinking holes to set up. At a distinct remove from the busiest shopping streets and theatres, some areas can even boast a village-like atmosphere with a truly calming influence. Coffee shops to rent in North London and a tea shop for sale in North London will thus gain real popularity among Londoners looking for relaxed and intimate environments. Indeed, with Hampstead Heath being one of the very calmest natural havens in this area, commercial property London in the North is really worth seizing now.

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Graduate jobs: one option among several

graduate jobs are hard to come by in today’s economic climate, with NEETs (those not in education, employment or training) bearing the brunt of unemployment. Employers have cut back on vacancies as well as the scope of any graduate scheme they might run, reflecting the harsh realities of the cuts they are having to make to stay afloat. Many companies are still running an internship programme, which can be a fantastic way to move into a job. However, internships must be considered with caution, since they differ widely in quality and purpose.

In the worst case, an internship is just an employer’s way of finding cheap labour. Under the pretence of teaching you about a given industry, they can essentially exploit their interns. The change in the law that requires employers to pay interns at least the minimum wage has reduced this problem slightly, since they still have to get value for money out of those who come to work for them. However, there is still the problem of widely differing expectations. Plenty of interns arrive in their new place of work, only to find that their employer has taken the prospect far less seriously than they have. In these cases, an internship is little more than a way of marking time.

In the best cases, though, internships can be fantastic learning experiences. They will often lead to a job in the relevant industry or the company itself, and it is worth ensuring at the outset if this is a possibility. This fact alone will often enable you to distinguish those who want to prepare you for working in the sector, and those who are just looking for cheap workers. Larger employers with well-organised schemes are usually safe bets. However, smaller employers can be goldmines, since they offer great scope for getting to know the whole of an organisation. If you are uncertain, read any reviews you can find or ask previous interns. Feedback is often available on university careers sites.

An internship is one way into graduate jobs, and may be an option in a climate where the graduate scheme market is more limited than it was a few years ago. Nevertheless, you should not give up on these. Start early, and cast your net wide to maximise your opportunities. You can always turn down offers you get if you decide you don’t really want them. What you don’t want is to find yourself in the position of so many other NEETs: finishing university, with no job or internship lined up, and no immediate prospect of finding something you really want to do.

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Document management services save time wasted on administration

In the financial world of large corporations, businesses and banks, payments are made and received many thousands of times a day. These transactions must be made quickly and efficiently; there is little room for error because the work effected in this sector is fast-paced – as soon as one transaction has been made there will be another lined up and returning to correct errors will entail a loss of time and profit. Sometimes, a very small matter overlooked will have far-reaching consequences. Of course, financial workers are only human and mistakes have long been considered unavoidable when they occur only on rare occasion. Now, however, though the bankers are still human, the organisations that have begun enlisting the services of other companies specialising in invoice processing technologies are far less prone to error. This is because certain technologies can offer assistance and an extra level of verification through exemplary document management and document processing solutions.

The figures really do speak for themselves in this domain: some leading document management technology companies support more than 9000 customers with many of the FTSE 100 figuring among them. How could so many clients be wrong? Indeed, they are not wrong, they have quite simply had the foresight to realise that they could be making their company far more efficient if they welcome some of the positive solutions that have discovered in the technological age.

Document processing, to define the beneficial technologies further, helps to take the stress out of transactional documents by making them more streamlined: processes can be automated and managed digitally, for example, by specialist software packages that have been designed to improve levels of speed, accuracy and control in AP processes. document management becomes easier as a consequence because the need to get through mountains of paper-based invoices that limit productivity has quite simply gone away. The benefits of invoice processing are similar, only here it should be noted that not only time is being saved but so, directly, is money. In all of this, there is no need to be concerned that transactions will be taken out of your hands or that you will lose the ability to track the progress of your institution; the above technologies keep graphic records of all exchanges.

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Glass Louvres Give Creative Cooling Solutions

As a precaution against climate change, more and more people are working towards installing solar gathering systems, which can harness the energy in the sun’s rays to power heating and other electrical systems. However, energy saving can work in the opposite way as well: by blocking out the solar radiation which is a big cause of heat build-up in the home or office. The type of shading systems that Maple Sun Screening can give you are becoming increasingly popular across the country, as more and more people enjoy the advantages of convenient shading. With the help of innovative brise soleil systems such as internal and external louvres (both glass louvres and metal louvres are used), the concentration of heat within a home can be easily reduced, getting rid of the need for air conditioning in the hot summer months.

Brise soleil is the name for a range of shading techniques popularised by innovative French architect Le Corbusier in several of his designs. Usually, these techniques involve a slatted or punctured frame used to shield a wall with a large covering of glass. This kind of system allows a reduction in the amount of heat allowed inside the building, and thus a decrease in the air conditioning bill. Combined with glass fronting, it provides the feeling of spaciousness and air while protecting those inside from the elements. And during the winter months, these devices can also be used to harness some of the available sun, lowering the heating bill. The optimum temperature which can be achieved with shading devices is designed to keep clients happy all year round.

Louvres are becoming very popular. This stylish French-inspired shading system uses a series of slatted pieces of glass or metal to achieve optimum control over the amount of light and heat allowed into a living or working space. These shading systems also look very grateful, and have the important secondary function of preventing water build-up and water ingress to the building. Of course, nobody likes rain water inside a building – but louvres also protect against the water damage which can speed a property’s deterioration, and severely damage its market value.

glass louvres in particular are very attractive, giving a real sense of space and light to the building whether installed inside or outside – and many architects now use dramatic shading systems such as the brise soleil as an integral part of their designs. At-home shading equipment like external louvres can lend a little bit of this elegant style to the most ordinary building, something sure to keep up the spirits of the inhabitant or workers.

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